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Wondering why Outside Magazine chose Colombia as the #1 travel destination?

Colombia…home to breathtaking views from the Andes Mountains, pristine waters from both the Caribbean and Pacific, and the infamous jungles of the Amazon. It’s not hard to see why Colombia has skyrocketed as a tourist destination in recent years. There is truly something for everyone, in addition to its diverse natural landscape, Colombia is rich in culture and history. The capital city, Bogota, beautifully highlights the country’s balance of old and new. Tourists may wander the colonial cobblestone city center of La Candelaria by day, and seamlessly transition into the lively modern Zona Rosa district by nightfall. 

With so much to see in just one city, Colombia is sure to provide a largely diverse adventure for any who dream to explore this beautiful country. If you find yourself being one of them, stay tuned. Neotropic Expeditions based in Santander region has created the ultimate inclusive 14 day tour highlighting Colombia’s most incredible locations and experiences. Starting in Bogota, guests will be immersed in local art and delicious cuisine. Following a trip to the world famous Gold Museum (an agreed must see of Bogota!) our tour heads north to explore Villa de Leyva, the Fossil Museum, and the ultimate art attraction: The Terracota House. Next, we take authenticity to the next level, as guests create their own pottery art guided by pottery craftsman Guillermo Lozano, a master in ancestral technics and unique masterpieces. 

Our next adventures bring us outdoors, as we explore the Royal Road of Guane and the beautiful Juan Curi Waterfalls. Rich in exotic bird species, butterflies of all colors, the sights and sounds of Colombia’s “megadiverse” habitat will bring you to another world, proudly proving her title of 2nd most biodiverse country globally. Following our tours of the outdoors, we’ll be flying to Medellin: Colombia’s most modern city, before heading through the Andes into coffee region, where we’ll explore one of Santa Rosa’s premier coffee farms.

Last but certainly not least, no trip to Colombia would be complete without a trip to the Rosario Islands. Following a short speedboat ride, guests will be free to enjoy the island as they please. Visit the beautiful Aquarium of San Martin de Pajarales, enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, or simply bask in the beauty of the aqua waters surrounding you. The perfect end to a perfect tour.

Since 2013, Neotropic Expeditions has been guiding sustainable community driven tours for eager explorers from around the globe. We value safety, ethics, and honesty above all else, and our goal is provide a wonderfully unforgettable experience for all who attend. We invest in top of the line equipment and have built an extraordinary team of naturalists and adventure guides to keep our guests safe during every adventure. We feel it is a privilege to visit these beautiful parts of our world, and strive to leave each location better than we found them. All of our tours include a leave no trace policy and a green footprint in the development of our local communities. 

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