Tanah Lot & Bye Bye Bali

We rented our motorbike for another day and decided to drive out to Tanah Lot, another temple roughly an hour from where we were staying. We left a little after 8am, hoping to beat the midday crowds. I should have done some research before we went, as I was disappointed to find out that we couldn’t actually go inside or even get to the island it was built on. The entrance fee was a little over USD 2 for foreigners, but it’s even cheaper for locals. There is a parking area about a half mile from the temple itself and the streets leading up to it are lined with vendors. Once you get to the viewing area, there are more vendors and restaurants to the left. It was beautiful. The weather was perfect and a handful of surfers had gathered to take advantage of the tide.

Personally, it was underwhelming, probably due to the incredible experience I’d just had the day prior and my unrealistic expectations. The vendors are just like the ones you see all over town, and there’s only so long you can be entertained by viewing a temple on an island, especially after seeing pictures online. We got some lunch and had a great time, but after driving for an hour, we weren’t there for as long as I had imagined.

Our time on Bali was incredible. Despite being known as more of a honeymoon resort style travel destination, there were lots of fellow backpack style travelers as well, mostly from Australia and New Zealand. Lodging and dining is inexpensive, and although transport throughout the country can be a little tricky to arrange at times, it can still be cheap. You can truly travel anywhere on a budget. Just remember that there is always a better price (so haggle), and always take metered taxis (no exceptions). Next stop Malaysia!


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