5/16/2016 Camping in Malibu!

cropped-selfie11.jpgWell…last night was definitely dirty, salty, a little loud, and I hardly slept.

Yes, I went camping in Malibu.

We drove to Point Mugu, a very popular campsite off the PCH. We set up camp shortly after 5pm, and ate a quick dinner before heading off to find firewood. The sun wouldn’t set until almost 8pm, so we had plenty of daylight left. After dinner, we decided to do a quick hike up a hill across the highway. The views from the top were wonderful, and we got the first round of firewood on the way down. In my true savage nature, I tore a dead tree out of the ground and dragged it back to camp.

It was a little cold, and I spent most of the night listening to the waves pound against the shoreline. Although I cherish my sleep as much as the next person, I still enjoyed the night…how could you not, sleeping under the stars next to the Pacific Ocean?

The following morning I woke up to a crisp foggy sky. It’s easy to forget how bright it is in the morning behind the shield of our curtains, but there is truly nothing like opening your eyes to fresh air.

Morning Panorama

We packed up our car shortly after eight, and hiked a mountain just north of the one we had climbed the night before. I was tired, but the air surrounding me was invigorating, charged with the oceans energy. Once at the top, I was surprised to feel uncharacteristically calm despite my usual sickening fear of heights. Although it wasn’t too high, it was still a small step for Team Nessa.

Hike 2 Panorama 1

While I dislike the use of the phrase, we’re “only human,” (because we are far more significant than the saying implies), I do think it is important to acknowledge the human need for connective energy. As important as it is to eat and drink, connecting with the world around you, free from distraction, is an integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So many people fall into a consistent pattern, without a change of environment, and nearly induce depression upon themselves. We waste our entire lives slaving away to obtain things we’ve spent decades building up in our minds, that could never bring us the satisfaction we’ve expected of them. Our disappointment leads us to believe that “something better” would fix the problem; when in reality, the problem stems from our world of illusion. Truly evaluate where you spend your time, as it is more valuable than anything you can possess.

Where are some of your favorite spots to stay grounded?


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